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Summer Solstice!


Hello Summer!!! I don’t know about you all but I am lovin’ summer! June is my favorite month, in part because we are groovin’ right towards the longest, lightest, brightest day of the year…today! Oh summer how I love your green grass and true blue skies and the whir of sprinklers and robin song at dawn and the scent of iris and the taste of carbon on my tongue from grilled goodness and the feel of sun on my skin and the crack of an afternoon rainstorm…summer abundance! This little watercolor of the side view of a sunflower calls to mind the spirit of today’s amazing light. As does this lovely poem from Mary Oliver. Hope your day is filled with lots of paying attention to the beautiful details of this glorious season.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 11.27.01 AM

The Turning Of The Season

The Turning Of The Season

I’m having a hard time letting go of summer. As the light shortens and the air crisps up in the morning, I just want to clutch the edges of the summer light with a pleading, “no, don’t go”! It was a very, very fun summer. And the weather here much like I remember it as… Continue Reading

The Land of Being Enchanted – Part Two

The Land of Being Enchanted – Part Two

The supplies got packed… …and that long ribbon of highway beckoned to the Land of Enchantment. I was inspired and humbled by the more than 150 folk artists from 60 countries at the International Folk Art Market (photo from their website). Most traveled very long distances by bus and boats and camels and cars and… Continue Reading

That Long Ribbon Of Highway

That Long Ribbon Of Highway

Vacation planning…taking all the important stuff. Paint brushes, paint, scissors, found bottle caps…important stuff. I’ll be heading down that long ribbon of highway known as Interstate 25 towards New Mexico and Sas and Mabel’s. I’ll be sending out dispatches from The Land of Enchantment here and on Instagram… …soaking up trumpets of summer a.k.a. Hollyhocks…… Continue Reading


I am feeling so grateful that we can all be together this week. My daughter is home (with a new special friend) and I am so happy and content when we all sleep under the same roof…everything feels right with the world. A turkey will be cooked and extended family will gather…the neighbors will come… Continue Reading

Life Is A Mystery

   If you are in the Denver area, stop by the Denver Art Museum to see When I Last Wrote To You About Africa  by African artist, El Anatsui. I found it to be truly inspirational. To see his beautiful hanging pieces in person is a  marvel. There is a lovely DVD and book available… Continue Reading

A Summer’s Eve

The light of a summer's evening caught these bubbles outside my neighborhood market. They were promoting a solar oven that was baking cookies and was about the size of a double-wide kid's bicycle carrier. Very cool idea…but they had to keep moving it around the parking lot as the sun got lower and lower? Is… Continue Reading