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Super Natural British Columbia

Super Natural British Columbia


What a whirlwind September was! Part of it was celebrating our 25th anniversary with a trip to British Columbia. It’s tagline is Super Natural and it really and truly is.




Super Natural…as in nature on steroids. Of course it’s always amazing for me to be at a beach as Colorado has just about zero opportunities to explore anything related to water. Streams, check. Ponds, check. But nothing compares to the grand Pacific Ocean lapping at your feet. And the creatures she washes up…


…and leaves behind as the tide goes out…


…are so beautiful and mysterious and intriguing.


A little creature that I did not see left this amazing Cy Twombly-esque drawing in the sand…


…and the boardwalks through the Pacific Rim forest were awe inspiring and humbling.


The ancient forests have an energy and feel like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in nature.


Primordial and sacred…I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a dinosaur.


We did see this fine black bear turning over boulders hunting for crabs at low tide. Beautiful, ambling creatures who kindly let us get close to observe them. They don’t perceive danger from the water, so our little boat could nose up very close.


The beaches spread out for miles and I loved the cool weather beach, no need for sunscreen or a dreaded swimsuit…just walking shoes.


We did an afternoon paddle with a First Nations guide in a hand carved canoe, enjoying the blue sky and water and mountains as a backdrop…


…tying up our little boat for a hike through another ancient forest. Beauty and stillness.


And tea by the sea? One of my favorite things in life.


I happily gave over a piece of my heart to this super natural place…I can’t wait to return to explore it’s beautiful forests and endless beauty.