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Studio Listening


I mentioned in my recent New York City post that I had a chance to hear Josh Ritter talk about his new book, Bright's Passage and well as hear him sing a few tunes. Here's the interview that I heard at the Barnes & Noble at Untion Sqaure. If you've got an hour to listen while doing something like organizing your sock drawer or getting in some studio time, it's a really lovely view into the mind of an extremely talented and sweet man. Anytime I can listen to an artist talk about what they do, I'm hooked. 

Leonard’s In The Studio

Yes indeed, it's snowing outside. Right now. April in Colorado. Last week's lovely sunny interlude is but a dream. I still have a bit of a sun kissed tan, but it's fading fast. Really? Snow?  I am coping today by playing my new Leonard Cohen cd  - just arrived in the nick of time for a… Continue Reading

New Music in the Studio

I’ve been in a music rut lately. Maybe it’s the turn of the season or I’m just outgrowing my Chill genre phase, but these 3 new CD’s are getting my groove on. I’ve never liked Sheryl Crow, too pop for my taste. But I have to say this new one is just political enough and… Continue Reading