The Land of Being Enchanted – Part Two

photo - Version 2

The supplies got packed…


…and that long ribbon of highway beckoned to the Land of Enchantment.


I was inspired and humbled by the more than 150 folk artists from 60 countries at the International Folk Art Market (photo from their website).


Most traveled very long distances by bus and boats and camels and cars and planes and trains to reach Santa Fe. Many displayed their traditional dress as they demonstrated their considerable skill and artistry.


This is Hilda Valerina Cachi Yupanqui one of seven sisters trained by their father, Gregario, in traditional Peruvian silver work…

IMG_2032 - Version 2

…the fine detail spectacular in these two little gems that came home with me.


Mabel’s, as always, welcomed us with quiet grace…

photo 3

…the Studio In The Sky patiently waiting our arrival – The two wonderful photos above were taken by my talented friend Ellen, all cred goes to her.


An early morning walk in the desert revealing it’s history and treasures…


…while the real drama waited until cover of darkness – Ellen braved to the storm to capture this amazing moment.


The desert was alive this summer, after plentiful rain and these Hollyhocks were a handful of happy!

photo 2

Big moments led to small paintings…


…and big paintings ( 34″ x 44″ ) on paper were pushed and pulled and emerged…


…along with other drawing and painting experiments.


My intention this year was to be open in the moment, practice seeing and step out and be brave – trying a new way of working.


It was a wonderful, wonder-filled week.


New Mexico always inspires me and as I waited for lunch at Orlando’s in Taos, I annoyingly leapt up to snap pics of these fabulous table tiles just as the busboy swept away the tortilla chip crumbs and the new party was on their way to being seated. Crazy gringa!


And this my friends, would be my “last meal”. The holy trinity: blue corn chicken enchiladas, stacked, smothered in red and green chile, posole and beans. Large glass of plain iced tea. Heaven on plate. I am blessed to have found a place that enchants me so.

3 Responses to The Land of Being Enchanted – Part Two

  1. steph says:

    You present this all so magically…thank you for sharing you art and inspiration from this land of enchantment! I must make plans NOW to attend the opening night of Folk festival market next year.


  2. Diane Tchakirides says:

    Thanks for this inspiring post….I love the big paintings and small studies. I’m going to be with Sas at Mabel’s in September…I can’t wait!

  3. Leslie Hale says:

    Would love to join you sometime for this incredible adventure! Love the new work, Fran!

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