Inspiration Monday


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Well…the month of February was consumed with illness. This season’s cooties took me out, one right after the other. Lots of Vietnamese penicillin…AKA Pho, helped nourish my weakened corporeal existence.

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I did get in a quick trip to Seattle with my son…love that city and it was fun to take my traveling companion to my favorite spots. The new Chihuly Garden and Museum was amazing and we managed to get a clear, blue sky day to view lovely Puget Sound from the Space Needle.


But then it was back to sick bay and more stitching! This is another one of Rebecca Ringquist’s lovely samplers…


…and another…love what you love, make what you make…my new motto. Because for me THAT was the month of February. I have a new appreciation for both the month of March (because it’s NOT February) and my returning health.

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My addiction/obsession/infatuation continues with this new piece using iron on transfers from Sublime Stitching, another great embroidery resource. I’ll post when she’s done. Hopefully it won’t be soon…I need to return to my life and get out of sick bay!

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Pretty much anything embroidery is on my radar these days and I have to share a little company that I’ve been in love with for a while…Coral and Tusk. A small, woman owned company out of Brooklyn, their dear pieces are so charming and were featured in February’s Martha Stewart Living. Stephanie Housley is the proprietor and she says it best…”Embellishment can transform something really simple into something magical.” Fabric and thread and imagination. Inspiring.

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These are done by machine from Stephanie’s drawings…

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…so whimsical and fun and unique. Go here┬áto watch the Coral and Tusk video to see how the pieces are made and where Stephanie gets her ideas – well worth your time. A great shot of inspiration.


Yesterday I ventured over to Fabricate, Boulder’s new fabric shop…and inspiration abounds. A tiny shop, but filled with wonderful fabrics, a sewing studio for teaching and some nice embroidery patterns. If you are in town or near by, check it out.

And I leave you with this wonderful TED Talk by Dresden Dolls singer, Amanda Palmer. The Art of Asking. Just watch it. You’ll see. Inspiring and provocative. Brave.

4 Responses to Inspiration Monday

  1. teesha says:

    hey…you should have called me when you were in seattle. I know your son probably would have groaned at the thought but a quick 15 minute coffee might have been fun. next time!

  2. Kathy says:

    Tribal women always connect on another level of spiritual being and then go forth to try to educate the world on a global scale. Love knowing that I am not alone when I try to teach kids to ask, be still and connect to know the feeling of being human and the profound wonder of the uniqueness that is in all of us to feel and share. Amanda’s karma is proof that living a pure life generates goodness and ripples out to others. Powerful stuff! Coral and Tusk is like Moonrise Kingdom. Soo happy you are branching out to embroidery. You are such a gifted artist Frannie!!! So thankful for your thoughtful blog. I can’t tell you enough how much my advanced class enjoys all your info. Be blessed always dear friend xoxoxo aloha

  3. Cynthia says:

    Don’t you just love Amanda? Thanks for sharing that TED talk, I hadn’t seen that. Just got my Dropcloth samplers this week, will be starting to stitch later day – thanks so much for the inspiration, I love these new ones you are working on! Also, didn’t know there was a Chihuly Garden and Museum in Seattle, will have to go back and check that out!

  4. stephanie says:

    I just stumbled into Fabrications….such a lovely shop. Loving your stitching Fran!!

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