Oh Yes…


Did I mention I love June? With peonies galore and sunshine and afternoon rains and greenly trees and ice cream runs just as it gets dark and bare feet and smokey grills and sunshine drifting through sprinklers? How much joy can one person hold???

3 Responses to Oh Yes…

  1. laughingmama@comcast.net says:

    Unless you live in the Pac NW, of course, where the month of June seems like it SHOULD be summer, but the temperatures still require multiple layers and goretex. My peonies are still tiny little buds. Yours are magnificent!

  2. kass hall says:

    Of course you could live in Melbourne Australia where it’s bloody freezing. Those peonies have brought some joy to my day, thanks Fran! Beautiful. Beautiful photo.

  3. ellen says:

    Where are those afternoon rains?

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