A Summer’s Eve


The light of a summer's evening caught these bubbles outside my neighborhood market. They were promoting a solar oven that was baking cookies and was about the size of a double-wide kid's bicycle carrier. Very cool idea…but they had to keep moving it around the parking lot as the sun got lower and lower? Is this practical? Not all good ideas are practical…I'll leave it at that. Hope you are enjoying your bubbles of summer, this week of the solstice.

2 Responses to A Summer’s Eve

  1. laughingmama@comcast.net says:

    Love this photo. BTW, some Rotarians in my club have been very involved in providing solar ovens for some African countries. The firewood is scarce and the sunlight makes them far more practical. Here in Seattle we would use them for rain shelter. It’s raining steadily today and I’m fantasizing about about trips to sun-filled lands.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Fran, wonderful catching up with your world here! You must be loving your new neighborhood.

    Feeling a little oppressed with the heat of this June and critters are eating all veggies to nubs…but still agree, have big June love.


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