Jiro Dreams of Sushi


I know, I know, another movie review – but I just have to share the good ones I come across – they seem to be too few and too far in between.  I had a chance to see Jiro Dreams of Sushi yesterday at the Boulder International Film Festival. A wonderful, wonderful film about a dedicated artist. Amazing. It reminds me of this Todd Oldham quote about "bothering" that hangs on my studio pin board –

"Somebody bothering to bother. To think that a man would devote basically his life's work to just the facade of the entrance to one building with the most intricate inlay – it was so great that someone bothered to bother. Because very few people bother to bother – it takes a lot of time and effort." 

I think it's a good life motto, no matter how we embody it – and Jiro has done it exquisitely.

I'm going to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen tonight. Add them to your Netflix queue or watch from them on a screen near you – Jiro opens nationwide March 12th.

3 Responses to Jiro Dreams of Sushi

  1. Stephanie says:

    So beautiful!

    I LOVED Pina…so very happy that you mentioned it as I didn’t know it was here. So many wonderful trailers and yes, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen was one of them.

    thank you for being so connected!

  2. rebecca says:

    you fill me up
    like a cup that has waited
    and saved itself just for beauty!

  3. Sushi Sauce says:

    This was a very beautiful movie! I watched it with the wife and we both were amazed. The man is very talented, and has much wisdom to share about life..and sushi!

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