Saturday Morning Pages and Journal Fest Reminder


It's Saturday and my boys are out doing boy things and I've had a blessedly quiet morning in my studio to finish a couple of journal pages I started earlier in the week. Looking for some comfort since my dear girl went off to college, these journal pages were just the place find solace. I've been experimenting with drawing/watercolor and collage. I've discovered hands are a challenge to draw and watercolor. But I'm reasonably pleased. It certainly was a comfort to take my pencil and brush to the page. Love the color too.


I've been wanting to draw fish girl for a while. This image keeps speaking to me, so I'll keep following her lead. A seeker for sure…my alter ego? Don't know and don't want to over analyze, I just love her.


The pages as a spread. I like the way the colors play off each other. It feels so good to be back experimenting in my journal. Just for me. Well and for you too, since I'm sharing, but really just for me. 


And speaking of journaling…if you are looking for some deep Fall inspiration, there are still classes open for Journal Fest in late October. I'll be teaching two classes that still have a few spots open and other great classes are open as well. If you're looking for a jump start to your journaling or just need some great life inspiration, this is the place be. About 150 of us will gather in the incomparably beautiful Fort Warden in Port Townsend, Washington for a few days of journaling and creative camaraderie. Besides classes there will be a fabulous vendor night and my personal favorite…a bonfire journaling party!

Join us…you will love it! Check it all out here.

5 Responses to Saturday Morning Pages and Journal Fest Reminder

  1. Seth says:

    Love the journal spread. You know I am partial to hands and the ones you have created here are wonderful. And the girl fish is priceless!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love these pages, they look so much like batik to me, you get such deep rich color. I find I have to use crayon d’ache with water to get this density.

    You must be so very excited to be teaching at Journal Fest, your students will come away so very inspired!

  3. Kathy says:

    You are AMAZING!!! Your watercolor pages are lushious and yummy!!! Miss you girlfriend! Keep up the GREAT work! I LOVE coming to your blog and seeing what you’re up to. Much aloha ALWAYS!!!

  4. neva says:

    fran….your colors are gorgeous! the hands beautiful. fish girl fun.

    and oh, i’d love to be sharing the bonfire journaling party with you.

  5. Lisa Hoffman says:

    This work is simply uniquely divinely YOU.
    I just want to wallpaper my room in these colors and images.

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