The Ancient Ones – New Work



I just finished up a new triptych of work for the "Awakenings" show at Patti Burton's Rabid Rabits Galeria in Longmont. I have been swirling the idea of combining collage with the watercolors that I've been experimenting with since my return from PLAY in January. The vintage postcards I've had in my stash began to call to me and as I edited my recent collection of collage materials, these ancient images and landscapes began to emerge.


I just found out from my friend Gaela that according to Chinese astrology we are in the Water Snake month of the Metal Rabbit Year. Hmmm….maybe I was channeling some of this energy. It's a mystery. I've also been reading a book about the Anasazi migrations and archeology in the Southwest. An ancient people with a very sophisticated spiritual community spanning centuries and great distances – they were also great artists and storytellers.


I find it difficult to say where my inspiration and imagery comes from. I begin working with my materials and I see what emerges. What whispers to me. I am lost in the process and it's only when I step back and reflect that I can see what's come through.


I framed them simply in shadow boxes to hang in the gallery.


 Patti has pulled together 44 artists with new work for this spring show. 


It's a beautiful collection of many mediums…


Stephanie's new pieces grace this doorway…


…and this little nook inspires with it's soft palette.


My work hangs above a doorway…the color popping off the wall…but a little hard to see up so high. 

Thanks Patti, for always encouraging and for "Awakening" all these artists to come together this spring. 

5 Responses to The Ancient Ones – New Work

  1. neva says:

    beautiful blues…of course, i want them to eye level, and i want to be looking at them!! (and at the clothing, scarves etc of course)…i see your travels and expansive spirit in your works… luv, neva

  2. rebecca says:

    fran….greatly exciting work.

  3. kathy says:


    Your star shines brightly upon the universe! I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at your progression and celebrate your keen awareness of the heartbeat of our world!!! Many blessings ALWAYS to you my dear friend!!!

    Much aloha always,

  4. stephanie says:

    It’s a lovely show and I love your new work! Crossing fingers that work starts flying off the walls 🙂

    Are you still here? traveling?


  5. Your art is bold and trippy. Your art is very wild and full of fantastic rich imagery. I love the bright and vibrant colors. Really cool and beautiful work.

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