Life’s Gifts


Do you know that Van Morrison song, "Days Like This"?  I've had a little run of moments lately that have reminded me of life's grace and gifts. I woke up Sunday morning to 5 hot air balloons right over my house! I ran out with my camera, pj's flying and stood in wonder at their bright lovliness. One went right over the house and I talked to it's passengers! Such an amazing way to wake up!


Just a few days before we got a call from a business associate of my husband's wanting to know if we wanted tickets to see Paul McCartney. It was a corporate sponsored evening – dinner included. We said, Yes! and Thank You! and went not knowing quite what to expect. Well, let me tell you – a huge, huge treat awaited us. Fourth row, CENTER! He's a BEATLE! And one heck of song writer. He was my teenage crush/heartrob and 40 years later "I saw him standing there"! It was an amazing show and at 66 the guy just rocks! We felt like teenagers again, it was a huge love fest, sing along. A very gracious and generous performer. Thank you universe for this amazing gift! Go here for a little peek from a different concert on his tour. And one of my favorite songs of all time here.


And these lovlies just blooming their intense pink hearts out, crying out their beauty to any old passerby. Just magnificent! In a parking lot, next to our Mexican food joint. Patiently waiting to be admired. With no expectation. Just rockin' their beauty for anyone to behold. Life's gifts, don't miss em. 

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  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the lift dear friend. I soo needed to see and hear love. You are THE BEST!!! Love and miss you. Keep up the beautiful blog. Much aloha, xxxoooxxx Kathy

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