Taos Doors


My son and I are in Taos. School's out and I've dragged him along (pretty willingly, he's a good traveler) to look for doors for my studio in the new house. These little beauties caught my eye today. 

Overheard at breakfast this morning, two twentyish girls talking: "Ya Ed's coming over to use my hose, I've got to get the house spic and span"…"for what?"…"well Ed's going to make magic water"…"what?"…he says that water has memories and stuff and so he uses my hose to fill up containers of water and then adds something to the water to clear it and then he sell it for $75 a gallon"…"oh. Really?"

Only in Taos.   


4 Responses to Taos Doors

  1. rebecca says:

    hold the “holy” water
    snatch up those DOORS!!!

  2. Julie says:

    $75/ gallon? Mama mia…

    I am so jealous of this post. Those are amazing doors! No door on my studio..going on 3 years now.. holding out for an amazing dutch door…one day I hope..one day..


  3. Lisa Hoffman says:

    All I want to know is:
    what does he add to make it clear?
    (only in Loveland)

  4. Stephanie says:

    I HOPE you brought home those doors! Happy hunting for house stuff…


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