Black Belt and Beyond


I know I've been away from Blog Land for a while…and here's why. My little guy, getting rather big now, has been working all fall on completing his course work for his Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do. The big day was Saturday, and four years of hard work and sustained attention and devotion, culminated with a demonstration and award ceremony. Master Vu Tran, his teacher, awarded him his black belt.


Now eleven, he started this journey when he was seven and received his yellow belt when he was nine months into the program – he looks so little! 


He's now a young man on the verge of adolescence, and I am very proud of him. If so inclined to gift him on this big occasion, he asked his friends and family to give him pet food that he could donate to the Human Society. He came up with this idea on his own, I kid you not. And we had enough food to fill the back of my car! After making the big drop off on Sunday Parker said, "It feels so good to give something to the animals there!" At that very moment, all the driving and sitting through classes and cajoling and negotiating about his commitment, paid off. If this is all he had gotten out of the many lessons taught about leadership and teamwork and perseverance and community, then it was worth all the time I spent as a parent supporting him. He really is a black belt; in body, mind and spirit. Congratulations, Parker.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations indeed Parker!….and to mom for raising this young man.


  2. renee says:

    OH my gosh! What a wonderful, wonderful true life story. Congrats to Parker AND to your family. Nice work letting his spirit shine!

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