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Last winter I participated in the Disintegration Collaboration (DisCo), with Seth Apter of The Altered Page. Those of us that participated created bundles (in my case flags because apparently I need remedial reading and didn't read the "bundles" part) to be left out in the winter weather – the idea being that the elements would alter and "participate" in our art making. You can find my first post here as I began the project. Fast forward to the end of May and us DisCo people revealed our weathered art projects -go here to see how mine aged. 

So the idea after our weathering reveal was to see how we would integrate our disintegrated pieces into new works of art. The journal page above is how I integrated the flag (below) that hung in the tree outside my studio window for several months.


The colors faded beautifully and new muted shades were revealed. I photocopied the the hand written back of the flag and used it next to the original – along with new collage elements, drawing and writing to create the new journal page.


The central figure in this collage/painting was made using the disintegrated flag…


…from the lower right hand corner above. It didn't mute quite as much as the others did, but still weathered nicely. BTW, the ones that weathered the most were inkjet copies, the color xeroxes held their color the best against all the elements.


The little painting above is still in process…


…and I only used the top torn portion of this flag.  The other flags have been pressed flat and are awaiting their new reintegration assignments. I have to say, they make wonderful collage elements, full of history and wind and snow. Elegantly weathered.

Thanks Seth, this has been an excellent collaboration.

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  1. Robyn says:

    There are some beautiful images of your project here. Gorgeous journal pages, collages and painting!

  2. jaihn says:

    Lovely work, lovely post!
    Thank you Fran.

  3. Thanks for sharing your DisCo …..it is awesome!

  4. dymphie says:

    love what you made with some of the pieces allready, have to say the flags could be finished art pieces in itselves 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    These are nice ways to re-use your Disco pieces…in different projects…and so colorful!

  6. so nice to have so many pieces to use for lots of projects! your disco project is wonderful, and I am especially touched by the buddha piece above!

  7. Zoe says:

    Great outcomes.

  8. lynne says:

    hey fran! this is wonderful!! oh yes, i love, love it all! xo

  9. nancy neva gagliano says:

    sweet and buddhafull like you, my dear

  10. Renee Howell says:

    Fran – Oh such cool stuff. Love the color! We spent the last two days in Ft. Collins moving Jaye out of and in to her new apartment. No internet connection and it has been killing me all day to not SEE what there is to SEE. Hope all is well with you and yours!

  11. Super cool projects, Fran!

  12. deb says:

    I agree that your pieces made beautiful additions to your journal!

  13. Gina Deen says:

    Wow, love the flag pieces and their re-use. What super journal pages you have made. Well done for Seth.

  14. wayne says:

    nicely done….and “buddhafull”

  15. Lisa says:

    I like your use of birds, especially the red flock flying. Your bundle photo is lovely too, all those branches and the dappled light. Very nice:)

  16. alicia says:

    lovely, lovely work!

  17. mar says:

    beautiful pages
    serene looking and messages

  18. Kim Palmer says:

    beautiful work here. love the colours and what you have done with it all!

  19. pure magic in your original bundle AND your final DisCo creations!!!!

  20. Hermine says:

    Absolutely gorgoeus

  21. Stephanie says:

    I really love the contrast between the beautifully ‘aged’ elements and the new collage pages…

  22. Hi There Fran,
    Just checking in here to say that the work you are doing is just wonderful and I am so impressed by your passion and commitment.
    Good to follow the stories of the week in Taos.
    Congratulations to you

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