Studio Madness


Well, the gel medium's been flying around the studio this week and the work table's been in high gear. The Studio Tour starts tomorrow and I've run out of time. I finally reached a point yesterday where I simply could not design one more thing, choose one more collage piece or make one more french knot. I threw up my hands in creative overload and said, "enough"! So here's a little stroll through what I'll be selling at Stephanie's this weekend. I know between Lisa and Stephanie and I, we will have some amazing art in the most lovely and charming setting (Stephanie's house). So stop on by! 


I made these travel kits for anyone who would like to journal their journeys like I do. I made a little book that gives lots of ideas that have guided me on the road, along with a little zippered bag that includes my go-to pens and tools. Also a journal that I had made out of the wonderful Fabriano artistico paper that I love so much.


They are all packed up and ready to head out the door.


I made up some card sets of my journal pages – 7 to a package, tied in checked ribbon.


I spent the day before yesterday, whipping up some altered postcards.


I also made some charm bracelets, with silver charms and vintage beads.


Here's a closer look.


And these are the iPod cases I previewed one day last spring and promised to show when they were finished. So here they are! They were fun to make and I did most of them over the long winter in the evenings.


This design especially kept my fingers sore. 


I don't know what got into me. I have this obsession sometimes for detail. That's why it was both scary and a relief to work in Taos with the paper and the scissors. Big, bold, not planned, no detail. But then it's so comforting to circle back around to the detail. In a past life I think I must have been in some kind of artist's guild during the Renaissance that made finely detailed dresses for the Medicis of Florence. There is just such a knowing comfort in all the stitching and beadwork.


This birdie is ready to fly….


and the buddha tells it true…

Have a great weekend. If you are in the area, stop by, and if not, I hope you enjoyed the virtual studio tour. I'll post more pics next week from Stephanie's house!

5 Responses to Studio Madness

  1. Gwen says:

    Where can I get a plane ticket to Denver,or wherever you are?? These things are to die for! I want one of everything!

    I would love to see your travel journal tips…is there an etsy shop in your future?? (hint, hint)

  2. Lynne says:

    fran! it’s all fabulous, but those iPOD cases!!! they look like they belong in a case behind glass, not as cases themselves!! wow… they are very, very sweet… and those travel journal kits –wow again!

    hope you had a great sale! love the pic of you over at stephanie’s…

  3. oooh fran – you thought of everything. i wish i could have come – at laest my wallet is still safe 🙂

  4. lee says:

    I wondering if you sell those little bags and your journals….

  5. eb says:

    oh Fran – just skipping through this delightful studio tour – your work is just divine – picked up the cps with you and your studio in it – so it’s been a Frannie day for me – love love love your journals and the whole she-bang – thank you for the virtual delight!

    xox – eb.

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