Bag It


I spent yesterday afternoon in the garage working on "merch" bags for the Studio Tour this coming weekend. I know everyone is way ahead of me on this stencil thing, but I finally circled around to it.

Last year at the PLAY  journaling retreat, Tracy had brought his Copic marker set up for us to play with. It is really cool and seemed just like the thing for stenciling in my journal. Which of course I haven't done yet, but the cloth bags that I got for the show just cried out for some color and humor.

BTW – Michelle Ward has done an excellent tutorial here on making your own stencils, which I'll be getting to soon. I've got the bug now and really want to start cutting my own stencils. Will explore working with spray paint too. Another artist who uses stencils in the most intriguing, inspiring and original way, is the lovely Mary Ann Moss.


But for small projects and journaling I really like the Copic system.


I bought a kit  that includes the little compressor, the spray "gun", and hoses.


It's really easy to set up and use. The marker slides into the adapter….


…and you grip it like a pencil and spray away. It's not toxic or messy. I really could use this in my studio, but it was such a nice day, I set up in the garage to have a bigger work space and enjoy the late afternoon air and light.


I'll be heading back out there in a while to finish up.


It's pretty addicting, I could have a new moniker soon…bag lady.

5 Responses to Bag It

  1. Fran… NICE! Are you going to go to “Play” this year (I know it’s called something else…)?

  2. Gwen says:

    these are beautiful! I am jealous of the copic marker set-up! I hope that you are at Play this year, too.

    It is now the Odd Journaler’s Adventure Club…

  3. mary ann says:

    fran, push it over i’m coming over to play!
    that”s the perfect set up
    the colors are so rich and fabulous!
    a really wonderful & safe alternative to spray paint

  4. Seth says:

    These are so, so cool! I was trying to pick my favorite but I like them all.

  5. judy wise says:

    Fran, I already have a compressor for an air gun. Will that work with the markers and that add-on thingy?

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