Out The Studio Window


I took this picture out my studio window one evening last week when we had a little rain. I love the rain. Probably because we don’t get that much here. It snows. But rain is not our main mode of precipitation. So it’s lovely when I can smell the earthy minerally smell of a spring rain and hear the soft sound of it falling on the flagstone pavers. You can see that my open space meadow is barely turning green and my yellow forsythia bush is just peaking out. It’s still pretty brown. But little sprouts and specks of green are slowly showing up. Hallelujah! I’m ready for some color!


Because for the past 3 Mondays, this is what we woke up to. Last Monday I just couldn’t believe it. Really? Really?

But spring is finally coming here in Northern Colorado and not a minute too soon.

Are you springing into color yet?

2 Responses to Out The Studio Window

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Yes indeed, the first Monday without a crappy snow commute…as we Coloradoan always say: “…but we need the moisture…” which is based on reality.

    Love your photos, love your studio. I think that I’ll just bring my sleeping bag and stay in there….
    …oh, also looking at all details in those photos for the coyotes….where are those little buggers….?


  2. stephanie says:

    Don’t you just love how quickly it can change. You have the most perfect perch to sit and watch it go by….like today, could you even believe how beautiful albeit WINDY! and tomorrow, well we’ll see if we get snow…


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