Dream Sequence


Here’s how my journal page turned out that I started last week. Very dream like. The word “counselors” popped out at me as I was sorting through journal fodder for finishing up. I liked the feeling the word gave to the page. So I slapped it down. I think I’d like these beings as my counselors. I feel as if maybe I have counselors swirling about me – maybe this is just one incarnation. They’ve been talking to me.

2 Responses to Dream Sequence

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    …they’ve all been talking to you?
    I bet that they said:
    you and those journals….always so inspiring to see….

    Have a fun weekend, my Pal.
    Lisa H.

  2. stephanie says:

    Want to see these in person…love the layering and the red umbrella.

    What! It’s snowing….crazy.

    have a good one,

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