Memory Reloaded


For any of you that have been following Dawn Sokol’s Art Journal Friday prompts you know we’ve been traveling back in time and remembering and journaling about our early years (see “Way Back” post). I’ve been thinking about memory lately (when I can remember) and when I came across last week’s This American Life episode, called “Return to Childhood 2008”, I thought I’d share it. You can find it here. It’s about people who try to revisit their childhoods, what they find and what they don’t find.

Give a listen and let me know what you think.

2 Responses to Memory Reloaded

  1. stephanie says:

    I love This American Life, thank you for pointing me to this….I didn’t know I could access these and I have this on while I’m working.

    Anyway, revisiting memories….I have had a couple of fun, interesting incounters….more often I find it’s better left in the past. How is it I’ve gone running on into my various life directions and the others….haven’t.

    thanks for prompting me to think about this.

  2. Lisa HOffman says:

    I just love the photo.
    That says enough to me.

    Welcome Home Girly-Girl.
    When do I get the low-down?


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