Well gang, 1,2,3….here I go. Just like my son launching into the great blue below, I’m taking the leap into the world of blogging. Thanks for visiting. Come back often, I’ll share my life and what I’m working on. I’ll share my journeys with you and let you in on all (well most) of my cool finds. Poke around my sidebars to see what I’m reading and what inspires me.

One of my big inspirations is a poem a day at The Writers Almanac and I love listening to Garrison Keillor read to me each day. You can find him here. Take yourself away to the land of the spoken word in poem form. I’ve linked you to one of my favorite Mary Oliver poems, but he reads a new one everyday. Check it out! And I’ll be seeing you around here!

16 Responses to Launching…..

  1. Hi Fran! I look forward to “reading all about you!”

  2. Michael Sweig says:

    You definitely have harnessed the art of living rich (not money)! No time presently to dig in to this in depth; yet, even just the colors of the log page and the written entries speak volumes about a life well lived. But I’m not surprised; you were living well at 17. Will check this out more thoroughly when I return from this nuts weekend jaunt I mentioned to you. xo M.

  3. stephanie says:

    Yay Fran!!! What a great start!!! This looks fantastic!

    Welcome Welcome…..


  4. jeanne scholl says:

    Hi Fran,
    Your site looks great! Erica and I just looked at it together and now we have to check out Two Dogs Cafe! It looks adorable and right here in Longmont. Can’t wait to see you and your crew next month.
    Jeanne and Erica

  5. Dawn says:

    YAY! Welcome to the blogging world! Can’t wait to see more!.

  6. Lisa Hoffman says:


    Welcome to The World of Blogging, my Girl!
    I can’t wait til the Universe gets to see your stunning pages, unique and one-of-a-kind Travel Books and the beading that takes your breath away.

    Thanks for the Shout-Out, but Michelle Ward STILL leads me through the technical Jungle of Blogging like Anne Sullivan leading Helen Keller.

    We are Blowing you Kisses and shouting:
    “Bon Voyage”…..

    Lisa Hoffman

  7. Doug says:

    Blogg Meister! Pretty cool.

  8. Gwen says:

    I met you at PLAY, and am delighted to see that you have joined the blogging world!

    looking forward to returning!

  9. Leah Kahn says:

    Congrats on putting together such a beautiful and flowing site – Of course I would expect nothing less. And you had time to do this when!!??

  10. Kathy Lopez says:


    Let the world stop and breathe in the deliciousness of you and your inspirational art! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the launch page! Amazing and spot on. You rock girlfriend!! And oh, the hawaiian flowers adorning your banner are ever so sweet and homey. tee hee. Can’t wait to see what marvelous art adventures you will take us on. Lots of aloha your way and blessings for an eternity of sunshine, Love ya, Kathy

  11. neva coloma says:

    Fran……you are amazing. what a FULL, BEAUTIFUL site you’ve created. LOVE your work, your writing, and your choices.
    also mary oliver always and her poem posted dec. 11th, my birthday!(always fun to see my birthdate jump out of the world);
    and that garrison keilor’s voice and humor, always soothing and thought-provoking.

  12. Seth says:

    Congratulations on joining the blogging world. Heard about you from Lisa’s blog. Your banner is fantastic! Looking forward to your posts. Best, Seth

  13. Congratulations on your Blog!

    I will add you to my links! So the pressure is on!

    Just kidding, have fun and enjoy!

    Oaxaca was great, it took me awhile to accept that I was back home!

  14. Dia says:

    What a wonderful accomplishment and such an inspiring beginning! Best of luck!!

  15. Mayra Nieves-Bekele says:

    Hi Fran,
    I was your”table mate” at PLAY. Congratulations on your blog, it looks great. One of these days, I may join the blogging world.
    Have fun with it.

  16. cerene says:

    greetings dear fran from the frozen north – your hot colourful mexican work certainly warmed me –
    hope to see you in taos for summer 2008!
    cheers, la sirena

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