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Great news! The fall class schedule is up on the Two Hands Paperie website! Wow, Mia and her staff have done a wonderful job of collecting some amazing and talented people to teach! Check. It. Out. Go here…now!

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On September 6th I’ll be teaching a watercolor and transfer class, that I’m calling Transference. It’s a really simple technique to transfer the bones of a drawing to a page and then color it in with watercolor.


Before computers (what?) illustrators were fond of this technique and it’s really a great technique to add to your bag of journaling skills. That’s Ruby up above, the wonderful mama goat from the Lyons Farmette. I shot the photo two summers ago at the summer Makerie and wanted to add her to my journal – a simple watercolor and some writing and she’ll be a part of me forever! Come join me! All materials are supplied for use in the class…bring a favorite photo to work with or use some (including Ruby) that I’ll have available.

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Fast forward to October 18th and I’ll be teaching a detailed collage class. When I teach visual journaling I’ve noticed one of the mysteries for people is collage. I’ve broken down my process into five fun exercises…


…that allow people to really experiment…


…and find their own visual voice. All materials are supplied except for three favorite magazines for images. I always have some extras and a big bin of other collage material to paw through. Come join me for some Collage Play!

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So right now, skip over to Two Hands Paperie and take a look at the fall class and demo line up. We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful shop that not only carries the very best art supplies in town, but one that is so community minded and passionate about including everyone in art making! I’ve already signed up for a couple myself, in addition to teaching two classes. I’ll always be an enthusiastic student and passionate about exploring new media and techniques. Join in the fun!


That Long Ribbon Of Highway

That Long Ribbon Of Highway

Vacation planning…taking all the important stuff. Paint brushes, paint, scissors, found bottle caps…important stuff. I’ll be heading down that long ribbon of highway known as Interstate 25 towards New Mexico and Sas and Mabel’s. I’ll be sending out dispatches from The Land of Enchantment here and on Instagram… …soaking up trumpets of summer a.k.a. Hollyhocks…Continue Reading

June Love

June Love

I’m back! For reals. I know it’s been a while…like a year. Life took over. Things happened. Mostly good. But I’m back with a new blog. Still under construction, but I’m liking it very much. So…it’s June!! My favorite month. I was honored to be asked by my beloved Two Hands Paperie to create theirContinue Reading

Clearing The Cobwebs

Clearing The Cobwebs

Hello? Anybody out there? I know I’ve been gone a terribly long time, the place has grown moss and cobwebs. My life took over and my time wasn’t my own. It was The Summer Of Healing. So here are a few hightlights: My 15 year old son had scoliosis surgery…that’s his new titanium rodded backContinue Reading

A Paris Lunch

A Paris Lunch

2013 is off to a very good start! I am working my way through The Artist’s Way with 3 wonderful women friends and fellow artists. I’ve done it twice before over the years, but always on my own. This time we’ve formed a group, a sacred circle, and are getting together once a week to checkContinue Reading

Architectural Gems

Way back in December…what seems like forever ago now..I ventured to the big city to take Judith Cassel-Mamet's wonderful Architectural Gems drawing class. For three Mondays we gathered to learn about perspective drawing and had the chance to explore some great Denver landmarks. This is a keyhole view from inside the State Capitol Building looking outContinue Reading

An Atlas of Unsettling Vision – Sketchbook Project 2013

Well.. I got my Sketchbook Project finished and mailed just in the nick of time yesterday! I'm not sure why I procrastinated, it was a joy to work on. My theme this year was "Almanac" but I made it into a kind of dream Atlas. I came across this wonderful quote from the movie, Here,Continue Reading

Break Into Fall

I have to say, whoever invented fall break was a freaking genius in my book. While the teachers need time to plan, the kids get time to goof off. As a side note, I think I went to school from the day after Labor Day until Thanksgiving with nary a day off…but that was backContinue Reading

Let’s Get Out The Vote

  I am going to be bold here and just say it: I want to see our President re-elected for a second term. I try to leave the political out of my art and off my blog, but I feel strongly that there is an awful lot at stake with this election. I believe weContinue Reading

A Walk In The Woods

So far the tail end of summer has been a whirlwind of transitions and the to-do list keeps getting longer instead of shorter. Whew! I'm kind of ready for the cooler, shorter days of fall! So when I had the chance to take Marty Colon's wonderful Illustrated Field Journaling class, I jumped! Two whole daysContinue Reading