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Que Vida!



Well, well…hasn't it been an interesting week?? It all began for me with a trip to see my daughter in NYC just a few days before the Frankenstorm…AKA Sandy Storm of the Century.


Tea was sipped and stories were told…with a keen eye on the approaching storm…


…the Plaza Hotel was strolled through…on the way to a shoe sale at Bloomingdales. Not for the faint of heart. Bloomingdale's shoe sale that is. The Plaza has an AMAZING food hall in the basement level now, totally worth a look and nosh if you are in the neighborhood.


The sights were taken in while supplies were stocked up on. Two cases of water. Check. Solar powered phone charger. Check. Food. Check. New rain coat. Check. A girl has to look stylish while wrangling an umbrella in 40 mile an hour winds!


More tea was enjoyed in the wonderful Bowery Hotel lobby. I flew the coop before the storm, but my daughter weathered the storm until she'd been without power for two days. We decided it was time for her to get back to a land locked state until the power was back on in lower Manhattan.


The best part of the week was last night's Day of the Dead celebration with friends from Two Hands Paperie! The community alter filled with love…


…and loved ones who have crossed over. That's my grandmother – namesake to both my daughter and I…tea being her beverage of choice.


Faces were painted with roses and flaming hearts…


…and beautiful turquoise eyes..


…and blue birds and calaveras…


…thank you Mia, for putting it altogether and bringing…


…this wonderful group of women together! Viva la Vida!!! 

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