The Turning Of The Season


I’m having a hard time letting go of summer. As the light shortens and the air crisps up in the morning, I just want to clutch the edges of the summer light with a pleading, “no, don’t go”! It was a very, very fun summer. And the weather here much like I remember it as a child, warm but not in the 90’s for weeks on end like the summers of the last 10 years. Really, just perfect.

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We had lovely rain off and on all summer and so the land still has the lush look of spring…it just makes me so happy! And bonus: no forest fires or floods! Our community really needed a break from the natural disasters of the past two years. My hip continues to heal and I just keep getting stronger, which made the long plains walk and hike with friends this week a total dream. Counting my health blessings everyday!

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But I can’t resist the call of Autumn forever. These gorgeous onions from a friend’s garden are the fruit of the short summer months and I’m so appreciative. I can hear the nearby middle school marching band striking up a tune and I’m feeling and hearing the coming of Autumn…each season with it’s own blessings. Soups and grey days against the turning of the leaves will cozy up to my heart and I’ll enjoy them too. But seriously summer, can’t you just stay a little longer? Autumn won’t mind if you borrow a few weeks from her.

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  1. Leslie Hale says:

    Fran, I am with you on this. The summer here has been gloriously perfect. In 30 years I have not seen a summer like this one here in Seattle. Long beautiful days of sun and blue skies. I want them to go on forever!

    First I noticed the spiders gathering and coming closer to the house (and now in the house). The light getting lower and more golden. The deck loosing the late day heat soon after the light slips over the brow of the house, earlier and earlier each day.

    I want to sleep forever with the window open and fall asleep to the cool sigh of the day and wake up to the sounds of the summer birds.

    I always like to notice what it is that makes me go from clinging to one season and take the leap to the next. In January it is easy because it is the first day that I notice the days getting longer. Those days are accompanied by a Maxfield Parrish sky over Puget Sound and a tiny crescent moon. I am always so full of hope when that exchange of seasons takes place. Spring to summer is a blurry line here. Summer to autumn is the toughest transition of all. Every year it is something different – the smell of woodsmoke from someones fire, the smell of a box of fresh pencils, I never know.


    • Leslie says:

      Leslie, YES!!! It’s so great it’s so great it’s been an extraordinary for you too! The winter to spring and summer is always such pure joy, but this transition to fall this year has me wanting to hold tight to summer. I do love autumn too, as you said the wood smoke smell, school supplies, flashing school crossing lights, the return to football. It’s all good, right? But I will be sad to have to close my windows at night and I will miss the birdsong too. Trying to stay present for the gifts of all the seasons, without too much melancholy for the summer’s passing. You must be getting very excited for your trip to England! Just to walk and journal and be there! Can’t wait to hear about it and see your journal…I hope it’s a wonderful adventure. Can’t wait to see you in March!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment!! xoxoxoxo

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