June Love

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I’m back! For reals. I know it’s been a while…like a year. Life took over. Things happened. Mostly good. But I’m back with a new blog. Still under construction, but I’m liking it very much.

So…it’s June!! My favorite month. I was honored to be asked by my beloved Two Hands Paperie to create their front window display for June.

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I was a bit nervous after I said yes…wondering WTH I had just agreed to. But I wanted to stretch and began by thinking of a grid armature and making 40 paper flowers. And a big ‘ol humble cardboard banner with an Emily Dickinson quote, “Sweet Rambles | Spacious Reveries”. The armature was a whopping $2 piece of gardening fence from Boulder’s Resource Yard – a great place for practical architectural salvage, aka…art supplies.


It seemed like the perfect structure to hang a double sided array of journal pages from, and entwine all those paper flowers on.

photo 5 (1)

Bright and welcoming, I feel like it catches the eye and draws people into the shop. Which is exactly what I wanted. I have infinitely more appreciation for every single window dresser out there. And I bow before the New York City Holiday Window Designers. My comfort zone is on a journal page or an embroidery hoop. But I’m really excited that I stretched my limits to grow bigger. And so appreciate that Two Hands gave me that opportunity.

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My inspiration was June. My favorite month. It’s the beginning of summer and all things are possible. The summer stretches ahead with a yawning loveliness. When I was seven I would wake up in the morning, pull on a pair of shorts, open the front door and play outside. All. Day. Long. For months. That was summer. I still like to wake up with the sun, make a cup of tea and head out to my garden for a little walk about. A big lung full of summer air and the feel of wet grass on my feet. I love the sensuousness of June; the sensory aliveness. The scent of dirt and rain and basil and trees budding and mown grass and hot pavement and sweat and chlorine from the pool and barbeque and iris and lilac and roses. The feel of the sun on my skin after a long, cold, seemingly endless winter. The possibilities that road trips bring. Setting off for places unknown. Getting out the map and starting the engine, putting the car in drive and just heading out. Endless possibilities. That is what I wanted to evoke in this display. The feeling of June, the beginning of summer and new adventures. As a journaler and explorer I love to capture my wanderings in journals, through collage and drawing and painting and writing.  So grab a journal and few pens, find a quiet moment and begin to capture your life and travels. Whether it be around town or a far flung corner of this wide world. This life is ephemeral and fleeting and it’s enriched and deepened by our attention to the detail of the everyday. Wherever you may wander, may your rambles be sweet and your reveries spacious!

3 Responses to June Love

  1. kass hall says:

    Welcome back!! I’ll see you in a month!

  2. Stephanie says:

    how Exciting! a new fresh look…seems all I do is follow my peeps on IG now, but thank you for luring me to your lovely hew home here.


  3. Lauren says:


    I LOVE it! It would definitely draw me into the store. June is my favorite month too. I come alive in June. I feel reborn.

    Hope you are doing well! Love your blog.


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