A Paris Lunch


2013 is off to a very good start! I am working my way through The Artist’s Way with 3 wonderful women friends and fellow artists. I’ve done it twice before over the years, but always on my own. This time we’ve formed a group, a sacred circle, and are getting together once a week to check in and share our experiences. It’s powerful stuff and I feel blessed to be a part of it. Thanks, Alix!

These journal pages came out of my weekly Morning Pages assignment…a little reminder to be open to the new and a visual that came to me reminding me to just let it go…all the things that I don’t need anymore. Little lanterns of light set free to flow on down the river. 

Photo 14

And part of our weekly assignment is to go on an Artist’s Date. A weekly check in of fun, play, frivolity…a joyous, well filling, outing each week designed to inspire our inner artist. Last week I wandered over to the newly moved and remodeled Longmont Cheese Importers.What a total TREAT! If you live in a 100 mile radius…go there!! Housed in Longmont’s defunct original diesel-fueled power plant, built in 1931…

Photo 16

…just the building oozes that vintage charm that cannot be duplicated. And look at the gold typography on the doors!

Photo 2

Once inside, you feel as if you have landed in Paris…or somewhere near by.

Photo 4

They have paid great attention to detail in recreating both a…

Photo 5

…French cafe and Europeans style shop. Oh how this makes me miss bread!

Photo 3

My lunch was delightful. A little charcuterie plate and gluten-free crackers! So accommodating and I didn’t even ask, they offered, when I sadly, but politely turned down that ridiculously fabulous french bread. My company was a new book by Canadian author Louise Penny…very smart and charming murder mystery…thanks Lisa!

Photo 9

After lunch I strolled through the shop taking in all the yummy delightfulness. They have an entire room that is a refrigerator – with coats to borrow so you don’t get cold…

Photo 12

…filled with CHEESE!…

Photo 13

…and olives and other wonderful accompaniments.

Photo 6

And linens from Europe…

Photo 8

…and dishes from France, Spain and Italy…

Photo 10

…and jams and sauces…

Photo 7

…and other sweets…

Photo 11

…and books that made me want to go home and have a tea party right away! What a wonderful hour and a half! I felt transported and inspired. Exactly what an artist’s date should do! I highly recommend the group experience of doing the Artist’s Way. Form your own sacred circle and see what magic comes your way!

6 Responses to A Paris Lunch

  1. Kathy says:

    Can I be an honorary member? What FUN!!! What an uplifting post filled with delicous treats and yummy cheese. I feel like Wallace and Gromit can truly have a picnic at this place. Enjoy the magic of being a part of a circle that thrives and breathes the rythms and celebrations of being one with your tribe. All my aloha always to you dear friend xxoo Kathy

  2. Dixie Yeager says:

    Julia talks about serendipity in her book and here is my first experience. I’ve read her book a number of times but just started this week actually working through it. Unfortunately, I’m doing it on my own, but I won’t feel alone so much knowing that you’re little group is there. Please post when you can about your experiences I would love to follow your journey!

  3. Cynthia says:

    I own Julia’s book and haven’t actually read it all the way through, this post makes me think maybe it’s time I did! As Dixie says, it must serendipity! And that cheese shop looks and sounds delicious in every way!

  4. Stephanie says:

    oh yes! how lucky are WE! I go in if I want to be taken away!! The light and airy upstairs…i can’t spell boudoir (SP??)

    may your day be filled with dark chocolate and wine…here’s a fun idea….the Firehouse Art Center is having a membership drive all day until 10:00 tonight. Renew your dues and renew your vows…we are.

  5. alix says:

    Fran… you continue to be my Hero.

  6. Melanie says:

    I always love it when someone else loves the Cheese Importers. I stop by there on my way home often just to wander the aisles and soak up the beauty. They’ve really done such a beautiful job with that lovely old building. You must go back (I’m sure you have by now since this post was in early 2013) in the summer and sit out on the back patio. Beware that trains go by very close…..you can feel the rumbling in your bones…..I love that. It’s such a charming and inspiring place.

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