Architectural Gems


Way back in December…what seems like forever ago now..I ventured to the big city to take Judith Cassel-Mamet's wonderful Architectural Gems drawing class. For three Mondays we gathered to learn about perspective drawing and had the chance to explore some great Denver landmarks. This is a keyhole view from inside the State Capitol Building looking out to Civic Center Park and the Rockies in the background.


We wandered the Capitol building on one of the days. It was too cold to draw outside…this journal page is the result of my explorations. Amazing what you can do with an iPhone these days. Just loved the beauty and grandeur of the old civic building. Very surprised how completely accessible everything was.


Beautiful brass statue of Abe Lincoln…the patina of his hands worn off from the people's touch…


…and these great reflective, solid brass drinking fountains…love the shapes against the geometry of the floor. They don't make 'em like this anymore!


Another day I ventured to the plaza by the Denver Art Museum and the public library to take in the architectural gems by Michael Graves (library on the right), old Denver Art Museum by Gio Ponti and the new Denver Art Museum by Daniel Libeskind. That's quite a few big egos in one small space…but we are lucky to have them represent in little 'ol Denver.


My journal pages of that day…so many good things to draw and angles to take in! 


Other days were spent in the Capitol Hill neighborhood (what I think is also called, Quality Hill) with grand old homes from the silver mining boom days of yore. 


This detail from the wonderful old building on 23rd and York, where Judith teaches. It looks a little chinese to me…but was working on the lines. A little wonky, but what a treat to sit in the winter sun and just look and take those lines for a walk!

Hope you are walking your lines and doing something creatively good in this last stretch of winter!

5 Responses to Architectural Gems

  1. Stephanie says:

    Why don’t I know of her…these pages of your journal and photos are so cool!!! This is Tess’s new hood and I’ve enjoyed exploring with her.

    I am off to see if there is another workshop that I might be able to join. Maybe…a group workshop/field trip??


  2. alix says:

    Beautiful pages, Fran! Feels like I was there…

  3. These are gorgeous pages Fran! Sounds like a rich time you had, in all these days of journaling.

  4. And these architectural gems indeed wrote the history of the place and tell its story with full of surprises and wonders… Thanks for sharing! It surely excites me and give me my first smile that I’ll be wearing throughout the whole day.. 😀

  5. Lisa Hoffman says:

    clap clap clap…..
    another gem pops out of the ole’ Meneley Sketchbook… the photos and of course, that drawing style of yours. Totally YOU.

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