Life Is A Mystery


 If you are in the Denver area, stop by the Denver Art Museum to see When I Last Wrote To You About Africa  by African artist, El Anatsui. I found it to be truly inspirational. To see his beautiful hanging pieces in person is a  marvel. There is a lovely DVD and book available as well. His advice to students:

  • Pull from your personal history or inspiration
  • Look for materials in the immediate environment
  • Travel and bring your travel experience to bear in your work
  • Allow for the possibility of something unexpected and wonderful to happen

And I love this quote from his film, "Fold, Crumple, Crush".

"One of the things I want my work to be about is life itself. And life is a mystery. So I want my art to reflect that mystery."

Wise words to any artist. Happy Monday! I hope mystery and inspiration are revealed to you this week!

4 Responses to Life Is A Mystery

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    El’s words: “…once you pick a media,you stick with it ….”
    Truly food for thought.
    Thank you for sharing this gem.

  2. Kathy says:

    Wow amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this

  3. Stephanie says:

    I enjoyed this exhibit SO much Fran! He was at the Museum when we first saw it and was such a treat to hear him speak of his work. Didn’t love the video of watching his crew make the crushed, crumpled and folded bits!


  4. alix says:

    Saw this in Denver last week. It is absolutely glorious… hah?

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