My Rambles Were Sweet And My Reveries Spacious


I can begin to feel the summer dipping into fall and my rambles in New Mexico but a memory. It all began in Santa Fe with a stop at the International Folk Art Market and wound it's way up to Taos for a wonderful week of drawing in the desert with the lovely Sas Colby.


Stops were made to take in lovely hollyhocks, which should be the New Mexico state flower…instead of the spiny yucca. I'm just sayin', it just seems obvious.


The red chile ristras lovely against the adobe walls for a late lunch at Rancho de Chimayo…


…and a stop at my favorite chocolate shop with colorful hats and "ole jesus" gracing it's door…


…while an afternoon thunderstorm settled over Taos Mountain.


My perch for the week was at the very top of Mabel's House, a little solarium…


…a glass jewel box of a room, surrounded by big 'ol cottonwoods to the west and south and Taos Pueblo lands to the north and east.


The sun up early, filling the space with desert light…


…and a very gracious bathroom window, almost floor to ceiling, letting in an incredible…


…view of the sacred pueblo lands.


My perch was NOT easily accessible. And if you ever venture to Mabel's, beware the stairs are barely a degree shy of a ladder and it's impossible to be up there during the heat of the day…

…but the rewards of the sunrises and sunsets, the world slipping into and out of being,…magical.

My tea tag (channeling Emily Dickinson) one morning said it best, "I hope your rambles have been sweet and your reveries spacious." And indeed they were.

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  1. Couldn’t do those stairs, but would love that sunset. How beautiful. Then to get the treat of a beautiful sunrise. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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