Yes, Please


Playing around in the studio this week I found these beautiful and amazing labels over at Miss Moss's Cottage…a.k.a. Dispatch from LA. Mary Ann has made a big 'ol batch of Quirky Handmade Labels available to us out here in bloglandia. Click on over here for the details…nine bucks and you get all the labels you see here plus a PDF. Quite a deal…just print them out on sticker paper and voila….


…they are ready for YOUR journal. I started a new journal, a new journey, so chose deep listening as it's talisman and the reminder that we are always ready to begin anew. 


It's the first page in this journal, made a while ago…I learned this neat journal form from Miss Moss as well. You can too…just click over to here. I'm a BIG fan, if you can't tell.


Summer's on in my book and I've made this little alter in the corner of my studio as an ode to my favorite month, June. The month seems so full of promise and the days are still growing longer…


…the perfect time to say YES, every chance I get!

2 Responses to Yes, Please

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Severe Gorgeousness Alert.
    Your Book, your studio and the labels are just totally FUN (oh, and useful).

    Yes to all of it!

  2. mary ann says:


    i’m sending you big bear hugs and kisses for mentioning me. i just got a remote for my camera so maybe i can someday get a cute about photo like you and lisa have. for some reason i look deranged or drunk when other people try and take my pic.
    who loves ya baby?!



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