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Well hello there. I've been away, I know. Getting into a new house and out of the old has been a much bigger task, in every possible way, than I had expected. The new studio is coming together in a beautiful way and I'm itching to get to work on some new things. All in good time.


If you are looking for a fun Saturday event, stop by Two Hands Paperie tomorrow at 10:30 to meet The Pulse of Mixed Media author Seth Apter and hear a panel discussion with myself and three other contributing artists in the book – Lisa Hoffman, Sarah Fishburn and Marie Danti. We'll be speaking about what inspires us and moves us to make art – a book signing will follow.

I've just started a wonderful new book, The Anthropology of Turquoise and felt inspired to share this little snippet:


"But colors are not possessions: they are the intimte revelations of an energy. "Colours are the deeds and sufferings of light," wrote German poet and dramatist Johann Wolfgang von Geothe. They are light wasves and mathematically precise lengths, and they are deep, resonant mysteries with boundless subjectivity.


Colros challenge language to encompass the. (It cannot; there are more sensations than words for them. Our eyes are far ahead of our tongues.) Colors bear the metaphors of entire cultures. They convey every sensation from lust to distress. They glow fluorescent on  the flanks of a fish out of the water, then flee at its death. They mark the land of a woman deity who controls the soft desert rain. Flowers use colors ruthlessly for sex.


 Moths steal them from their surroundings and disappear. An octopus commincates by color; an octopus blush is language. Humans imbibe colors as antidotes to emotional monotony. Our lives, when we pay attention to light, compel us to empathy with color." – from Ellen Meloy's excellent book, The Anthropology of Turquoise. Wow.

Hope to see you tomorrow at Two Hands Paperie!

3 Responses to Speaking of Mixed Media

  1. kass hall says:

    these colours are beautiful, Fran. I love gardens!

  2. Kathy says:

    You’re AMAZING my dear friend! Rock the event tomorrow!!! I KNOW you will be enlightening and motivational. You ALWAYS are!!! LOVE YOUR STUDIO!!!!!!! Have fun creating in wonderland. You soooo deserve a magical place to invest in the process of bliss fullfillment. xxxoooKathy

  3. rebecca says:

    “Colours are the deeds and sufferings of light”
    this flat out slays me!!!

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