New Studio View and an Aesthetic Intervention


Hello again! The move is mostly complete and I'm settling into my new studio above the garage. We are having spring about a month early this year and so already the trees are leafing out and I have this fabulous feeling of being in a tree house! I'm loving it and can't wait to get the move completed so I can get back to the pages of my journals and who knows what other great schemes and projects now that I have more space!


As spring makes it's return, I wanted to share this really sweet video about Steven Wheen's guerilla and miniature pothole gardener art project from the O Gallery (thank you Andrew). "The idea is simple but the effect on the everyday mundane traveler and pedestrian on the paved over city environment is dramatic. It is a place where nature will eventually win… underfoot in the cracks and holes of our streets and sidewalks." Love the beautiful serendipity of this!

6 Responses to New Studio View and an Aesthetic Intervention

  1. kass hall says:

    Your studio is magnificent Fran. I might move in 😉

  2. Lisa Hoffman says:

    I remember walking through when it was cold and yet to be “Born”. Beautiful even THEN.
    What a gorgeous place and perfect for you. May the Flood Gates of productivity open in this magical, very “Fran” place. See you this week!

  3. stephanie says:

    What a beautiful space Fran! Your creativity is going to grow to fill every for corner


    I love the little guerilla gardening links…just the best.


  4. rebecca says:

    simply stunning!!!!
    your new creative digs, and the brilliant mind
    behind pothole gardening!

  5. Great to re-visit your blog and you Fran! I am also in Seth’s book, and will be meeting up with him May 5 at Bellevue Art & frame. I am SO excited! If I make it to Colorado in August, I am hoping to make it up to Boulder…

  6. Oh Fran your studio space is FANTASTIC! So goregous! I can’t wait to come visit you! 🙂

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