Dance, Dance Or We Are Lost – Pina


If this movie comes to a theater near you…RUN to see it. Mesmerizing, beautiful, haunting, disturbing (in a good way) – it's a full on right-brain experience you will not want to miss – just gorgeous. Click here to go to the official film website. Be sure to add it to your Netflix queue too – I'm sure it will be out soon. This is a don't miss film.

p.s. If my embedded video has an annoying ad, or doesn't seem to be playing right, go here to see a better trailer. 

p.s. This is playing now at the Century Theaters in Boulder…several people have asked and I thought I'd share. I think it's having a fairly wide release, so look around.

6 Responses to Dance, Dance Or We Are Lost – Pina

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Oh COOL!!!!
    It’s in the queue.
    Did you see it around Lovely Northern Colorado?
    Looks like a good theater experience.
    Great tip, thank you!

  2. stephanie says:

    Where did you see this??? I have been watching the Denver art houses…NY I`m guessing…


  3. rebecca says:

    for once i am speechless,
    and my heart is

  4. Looks amazing! I watched several scenes over and over just in this ad so I can imagine how flippin’ fantastic the whole film must be!

  5. rebecca says:

    i added this trailer to my blog this morning…so in any moment where i am holding back i can watch it….and LEAP with passion into the dance of life!

    thanks fran for this perfect awakening.

  6. This played in 3D in Seattle and I loved it too!

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