Fire and Ice and an Interview

  Sunrise polaroid

This sunrise last week had me stepping out onto the back patio in my slippers and just gawking, slack-jawed as the sky caught fire. Truly awe inspiring. I felt very small in a very signifcant way, humbled to witness this fire in the winter landscape. When I move to town in March I will miss my view of the wide open prairie and the sunrises. New sunrises on my horizon in town, just through the trees.  


A counter point to that firey sky is this lovely little video of a true photography pioneering genius, Wilson Bentley. Brought to you by Miss Jaihn over at Truly Spacious. His ingenuity, passion and perseverance inspires us all.



If you'd like to read an interview with me discussing my thoughts on creativity and intuition, skip on over to Meri Arnett-Kremian's blog, Finally Me - a blog whose target audience is women of substance,intelligence, wisdom and experience who are continually growing and responding with grace. Posting articles on relationships (marriages, live-ins, friendships, family); transitions (empty nest, menopause, deaths, divorce, caring for parents, having kids come back home, mid-life dating and mind-body-spirit issues with a concentration on women's passions including art, travel, books, films and photography. Lots of great articles and interviews with other women of sustance. And thanks Meri, I am very honored to be included here.

4 Responses to Fire and Ice and an Interview

  1. jaihn says:

    To echo your words: “I am very honored to be included here.”
    Warm Thank you, Miss Fran!
    I am looking forward to exploring ‘Finally Me’, too.

  2. neva says:

    wonderful thoughts/statements/ideas from you via this interview. i know you all the better now. and that’s a pleasure. x0

  3. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful interview Fran…I love Meri’s new site. How wonderful she has included you!

    love this bird painting too

  4. eb says:

    Snowflake Bentley is from around the corner…
    er – mountain
    very cool indeed!

    and what a great interview Fran
    great to know you better as well,

    xox – eb.

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