Here Today, Gone Tomorrow



Dreaming of this…


…while looking at this…


…have escaped into my new watercolor box working in my "In Ten Minutes" journal for the Sketchbook Project. I have procrastinated like a freakin' banshee on this one…4 pages done and it's got to be mailed a week from today : (


My saving grace is that tomorrow I head out for the PLAY journaling retreat where I'll have four glorious days to journal! This weekend I laid out some collage for a new journal cover…sewed it up, added some brand spanking new blank pages and will tuck it into my traveling bag. Hope you are finding some escape in your late January days!

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  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    You and those stunning PAGES. I can’t wait to see what flies out of your hand from your time at PLAY. I can smell the rain and sea air. Some day we’ll rent our own cottage up there. Sigh… me the second you return.

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