Vegetable Love


The farmer's markets here in Colorado are covered with snow. The CSA farm just down the road from me is frozen. Ah, but a girl can still dream and make a fresh carrot salad to remember the days of summer splendor. I love this recipe, winter and summer – it's fresh and light and goes with everything. Another page for the PLAy recipe book that we'll be making in January.


With the Tarragon Corn recipe, I think it makes a pretty spread in my journal. Lovely to play with summery watercolors on a December afternoon.

2 Responses to Vegetable Love

  1. Erin Perry says:

    One of the major joys of living on the Central Coast of California – year round farmers’ markets! Of course we don’t have your beautiful snowscapes.
    Erin in Morro Bay

  2. Seth says:

    Great, great sketches Fran. Digging that corn cob!

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