Dream Good! Breathing in 2012!


I'm adopting Woody Gutherie's 1942 "New Year's Rulin's" as my own this year. I will endeavor to work more and better, take bath, read lots good books, listen to radio a lot, learn people better, don't get lonesome (followed closely by, have company but don't waste time), dance better and (try to) love everybody. A heady list for sure…but words to live by. Oh and dream good and stay glad!

Wishing you the best of dreams in 2012.

Woody's New Year's Rulins from Brain Pickings

2 Responses to Dream Good! Breathing in 2012!

  1. Stephanie says:

    All good goals to be sure, especially ‘wash teeth if have any’

    happy new year Fran!!

  2. rebecca says:

    dear fran,
    while you are dancing…may you walk in light, fulfillment and mindful beauty.
    may you know a brave heart, a healthy body, may laughter be your chosen language and love be your true compass for the brightest new year!


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