River Solitude


the river solitude

stoney totems

hot feet in glacial water


Rio Grande

surface of glass

cool stones shimmer



I spent last week in Taos at a wonderful drawing class – more on that later when I have more time to digest everything. We spent one enchanted early morning on the banks of the Rio Grande. Traversing the icy cold inlets – taking in the grand and close up views. Meandering, looking, drawing, writing haiku. A perfect summer morning. All too soon two vans pulled up and out lept kids and dogs and grandparents all looking for a cool escape from the desert heat. But for a while, the river solitude was all ours.

5 Responses to River Solitude

  1. Stephanie says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about this class, I would love to do more drawing and what better place than along the river in Taos.

    will see you next Friday!

  2. ellen gager says:

    Your blog is my experience too! Thanks for making the past present my talented friend. Xox.

  3. rebecca says:

    thanks for this dip in quiet beauty.
    come haiku with us on fridays!

    haiku my heart.
    (you manage to touch mine everyday)

  4. Renee says:


    wonderful couple of hours.

    As Wild said, “I got to be 7 again!”

  5. roz schneider-barhaugh says:

    wow! thanks Fran for sharing. What a lovely, lovely body of work. You inspire!

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