Spring Fling


"There's a moment in every journey when the trip you are on presents itself, and the one you had planned is jettisoned." – Andrew McCarthey


This was our motto last week for spring break on the beautiful island of Maui. As visions of sun and the gentle, velvet air of Hawaii caressing our skin danced through our heads, we were more than a little surprised to find that the islands were experiencing the longest protracted windy spell, ever. Ever


And I mean gale force winds. As in blow the french fries off your plate at the pool, windy. So we did our little disappointment dance for about 5 minutes and then rolled with it. We down shifted. No zip-lining, but lots of great time reading, napping, playing dominoes and gazing at the indigo and turquoise sea.


Walking and enjoying the colors..


…and textures of a new place.




The trees on this archipelgo gem enchanted me…


…tall canopies…


…gnarly vined trunks…


…stately palms…


…with intriguing stacking rings. So very different from the plains and mountains of Colorado.


Lava rocks and sea spray offered their siren song.


While all the sane people abandoned their beach chairs one afternoon, die hards that we were, we didn't let a little rain squall deter us. We just covered up with towels and let the gentle rain shower us. It was the trip that presented itself and it was very, very good. Gale force winds and all.

Peace out.

6 Responses to Spring Fling

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    I LOVE that quote and I may have to print out the photo of you guys wrapped in your towels for the Wall of Inspiration.

    Mekka Lekka High!

  2. Lori Burek says:

    What’s with this Spring Break? I think I missed mine. Everyone is taking one. Guess I’ll just have to live through everyone else’s.
    Lori B. in need of spring break

  3. Gwen Delmore says:

    Gorgeous photos, and I also love the quote! It is so true. Congratulations on rolling with it, I love everyone wrapped in towels, too!

  4. rebecca says:

    love love love the towel family shot!

  5. Stephanie says:

    ha! you rolled with the punches in grand style!

    love the blue and white Hawaiian inspired graphics in your journal.

  6. Emily says:

    Slightly jealous. I have the traveling itch! Great photos though – enjoyed seeing the journal spread as well!

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