PLAY 2011


Just back from the PLAY Retreat in Port Townsend with fellow journalers. I love the watery and tree inhabited land of Washington state. It's so beautiful and so very different from the high and very dry plains of Colorado. 


The Seattle cityscape a tangle of bare branches reaching up…


…while down on the street, a little window shopping.


The trees of the Pacific Northwest astound me, they take my breath away. Their seemingly ancient countenance calms me and grounds me.


Tall and taller from the abundance of cool temps and water, water, water. Green oh green, how I miss thee.


I gaze in awe…up…


…and away.


A little time down on the winter beach collecting and arranging…


…a tangle of beach twigs and sea polished stones make their own stunning arrangement…


…a little plant pod of wrinkled beauty.


This old row boat abandoned to the winter elements…


..hundreds of lines to draw and explore.


I broke in a new journal, a new beginning.


A little water color from a summer photo.


A couple of journal pages exploring the composition from the beach finds. 

I'll be teaching "Journaling Place" at Journal Fest in October and it's this very beach we'll gather on to bring about new combinations of nature's treasures. Then back to the studio to explore on the page. Stay tuned for more info.


The bright pink primroses of summer keeping company with the watercolor chairs, a summer dialogue.


And behold Teesha's pen caddy. Are you kidding me??? The colors alone make me dizzy – look at all the luscious pens…the mind reels.

Thank you Teesha and Tracy for the best PLAY retreat EVER!


4 Responses to PLAY 2011

  1. rebecca says:

    teesha’s paints are like an opening lotus!

    your photographs are beautiful.
    thank you for placing me in a safe pocket and bring me along.

    (i miss my mendocino life!!!)

  2. michelle says:

    Wonderful pictures, Fran. It was SOOO lovely meeting you at Play. 🙂

  3. rebecca says:

    dear fran,

    today i have unveiled the spirited group of those who will shrine!
    thank you for being a magnificent part of this out pouring of love.

    i look so forward to this shared journey of heart.

  4. Emily says:


    I am new to your site and work … both are fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration!

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