Old Work, New Work, Finished Work



This week I finished up work in two journals…completion feels good. I tend to jump around from journal to journal, so not all the pages are sequential in time and space. So when they are done it feels good to stand back and see the journey they took me on. I learned from my friend Mardie that journals like to hang together for awhile…the old and the new. Saying goodbye to one and hello to the next. And so they sat on my work table this week. Hanging out. 


In addition to finishing up journals, I have been deliciously enjoying and savoring a new stack of book finds that I gathered from my friends at PLAY. One of the best things about the retreat, besides uninterrupted work time, is all the new connections and resources we learn about from each other. New books to check out from the top…Wabi SabiIt Takes A Long Time To Become YoungLove Letters To The UniverseThe Mandala BookMasters CollagePainted PaperExploring Color.


The soundtrack for the weekend was my new music crush…Amos Lee. The heart and soul of a poet and a carmel voice from the south…he's THE MAN as far as I'm concerned. I LOVE, and I mean love like a junior high crush can't stop listening to the album sitting for hours with the liner notes learning every word of every song, LOVE, his newest release, Mission Bell



Here are the two finished journals with a little Amos Lee soundtrack. Enjoy!

Dreaming of spring…

11 Responses to Old Work, New Work, Finished Work

  1. kass says:

    I’d never heard of Amos Lee (I’m in Australia – forgive me) but I’ve just sampled some tracks on iTunes and i think I’ll be hearing alot of him now! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love this video, your journals and the music!! thanks for sharing, roxanne

  3. Stephanie says:

    oh so yummy!! your inspirational pages…loving the black and white and Amos


  4. Gwen Delmore says:

    Really beautiful journals, Fran!

  5. Fran… I loved looking at your beautiful journals! AND… I was just thinking this morning: “I need some new music!”

    Off to itunes…


  6. Dawn Elliott says:

    Your journals are awesome! I can’t wait to see what you put into the Oaxaca Children’s Shrine Auction this year.

  7. Briana says:

    Your journals are gorgeous! I love how you used your Tazo Tea boxes on the front and back cover. Also, the music was great! I’ll have to check him out.

  8. Lisa Hoffman says:

    wait. What’s that sound??!!!
    oh, it’s ME falling on the floor and my chair coming down with me after being BLOWN AWAY by your journals. They are YOU, yet new. The painting that you’re adding to them!!???…I….well….You…..

    Amos is now being added to my list.

    Ouch. It’s hard down here on the floor.

  9. Fran, Lisa told me of the video, I had to come and see – and listen – for myself. What a charming presentation…the chance to hear what you love about Amos and see, at exactly the right pace, your inspiring pages. And congratulations on your teaching gig at Journalfest. Thanks so much.

  10. debra cooper says:

    Just found your blog and I love it! I also lovelovelove Amos Lee but my forever crush is on Ray LaMontagne. I could never get tired of his voice. Thank for sharing!

  11. debra cooper says:

    oops, forgot to mention: you have to hear Amos Lee’s version of Ray’s song In the Arms of A Woman. You may never be the same again. 😉

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