Our Lady of Guadalupe


The first day of December…almost the return to the light with the coming solstice. I am drawn to Guadalupe this time of year, remembering her feast day on the 12th. The divine feminine, she shows up in so many religions and spiritual practices. Giving light and love and nurturing during this dark time of year.


Her flowers are roses…


…and her light shines in our hearts all year long. She is my talisman, my touch stone for mothering – both earthly and spiritual. Join Rebecca for "A Virgin A Day" these first 12 days of December…take a little virtual tour of her beauty and many manifestations, showing how she touches many of our lives.

4 Responses to Our Lady of Guadalupe

  1. rebecca says:

    fran your post is heart warming, beautiful, filled with roses and light.
    thank you for joining in….and your kind words.
    it makes each morning a secret delight….
    to visit each one of the posts and marvel at the thousand manifestations of love.

  2. Ah, now there are two Frans posting to Rebecca’s Virgin a Day. I love your examples and will explore your site. It’s nice to meet new friends.

  3. Spadoman says:

    Passing by, checking out the Blessed Virgins. I like this statue. I really like the idea that Our Lady protects us during this period of darkness. Never thought of it that way, but makes sense. Can I be enlightened without being accused of making a pun? Probably not, but I still like this idea.


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