Two Hands Paperie – Dia de los Muertos


Welcome to one of my favorite shops. Ever. Anywhere. It's been my favorite for a long, long time and I feel really lucky to have it in my community. A deep wellspring of inspiration and beautiful paper, this shop never fails to lift my spirits.


This year Two Hands celebrated Day of the Dead with the grooviest door sign around and a great communal Day of the Dead alter.


Come on in and we'll have a "look see."


The brick-walled back room was the perfect spot for the alter. 


Decked out with a beautiful cross bejeweled Virgin Mary (complete with a hindi dot), candles, marigolds, cockscomb, offerings, Day of the Dead figures and photos of those that have crossed over…


…loved ones were remembered and honored. People stopped by and brought little offerings all day. Beautiful and touching – a nice way to include their customers in the celebration.


And as long as we're here, I'll show you around. The little hallway between the front room and the back, filled with all kinds of alphabet stamps and pens and books and puzzles and book making supplies…


…while the paper room beckons with racks and racks of glorious paper.


In between, a whole lot of fantastic art books. Hours can be forgotten as you browse their wonderfully curated collection.


The card wall…ah the card wall. It just makes me want to invent holidays and events to send cards for.


Little nooks of all the good stuff…


…giant scissors too!


Here are the beauty and brains of the operation. When I stopped by on Monday to bring in my alter contribution, Mia and her crew had their make-up done just for the celebration. Fetching and beguiling, I'm certain that souls just passing by were drawn in for a few moments of earthly beauty.


The Two Hands intern did the cutouts for both the front door and this very cool side window. Out of contact paper!…the mind reels with ideas…How cool is THAT?

Two Hands Paperie is located in historic downtown Boulder, Colorado at 803 Pearl Street. It's worth going out of your way (way out of your way) to stop by. Their website is here and they do have an online store. But really you've got to see it in person. Like all good things in life.

5 Responses to Two Hands Paperie – Dia de los Muertos

  1. gloria says:

    Very nice, I enjoyed the tour. Thank you. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Fran, They ought to have you on the payroll as publicist. What a thorough and beguiling tour. As soon as I finish typing I am off to their on-line store. In another time, Sue Nan Douglas at Paper Post here in CA had a wall of cards to compare. One grieves for the good that used to be. How great that it lives on in another part of the forest.

  3. Stephanie says:

    oh how I love Two Hands…they did a wonderful! Day of the Dead celebration

    love love the paper cutout, I’ll have to show you the paper cutout artist we saw in SM…mmmmm


  4. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Why haven’t I been to Boulder lately?
    Clapping for Mia and her talented crew.
    Clapping for you and your camera.

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