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Last weekend my husband and I left the kids for the day (one of the great joys of having almost grown up kids – no babysitters) and bombed down to Taos to pick up the doors that I had found last summer for my new studio. And of course if I'm anywhere within about a 100 mile radius of Taos, I have to pull over at Common Thread


This tiny jewel box of a shop set in the charming John Dunn House Square, just a block away from the Taos Inn, never, ever fails to inspire me. It's the fiber and textile version of Boulder's Two Hands Paperie.


I think they must have legions of fans just like me. Textile freaks that come from near and far to peruse the bolts of amazing fabrics from all over the world…


…as well as globally hand woven, hand stitched, hand made scarves and shawls and wraps.


Just standing in the doorway and looking at the color waves of fabric makes the creative juices flow, some part of brain wakes up ready to fire up the old Singer.


The buttons and ribbon exquisite.


A new Santa Fe artist had some hand painted porcelain buttons…a few came home with me.


The pink table makes me want to wrap every one of those gorgeous scarves around my shoulders and head parade around like Edie Beale .


Little vignettes of color and serenity – the marching buddhas and an Indian love story.


A gracious female bodhisattva wrapped in white lovliness, her color wave in the background.


If love could come on a plate, for me, this certainly would be IT! Blue corn enchiladas with red and green chile and a side of earthy frijoles! Yum! Really the food of my land and soul. Fuel for the journey.


It was one long ass day. We left at 5 a.m. and after the door collection, the whirlwind stop at Common Thead and a soul-food refueling  at the Ranchos Grill we were home at 8 p.m. It's not my favorite way to spend time in Taos, but it was a chance to hit the open road and take in the vistas that feed my soul.

7 Responses to The Uncommon – Common Thread

  1. rebecca says:

    completely soul filling!!!

  2. Julie says:

    I see many fabrics that would make the best costume of the day..

    I love Edie!

  3. rebecca says:

    i posted a collection of san miguel doors today..
    i think you will love them!

  4. Gwen says:

    Wonderful!! How fantastic to be able to drive to Taos and back in a day, even if it is a long one! I found that very fabric store when we were there, and loved it! Can’t wait to see your studio

  5. gloria says:

    I think it was a fun trip, thanks for sharing. I loved the materials and that food looked delish. Sometimes I wish I lived out that way. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. stephanie says:

    holy moly girl…that’s a long day!! Common Threads looks amazing, I need to take a trip…and spend the night 🙂

    have a happy thanksgiving!!

  7. Leah Kahn says:

    I think the universe got it wrong by sending me to live in New Mexcio for 14 years and not you.

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