Studio Work


I've been busy here in the studio getting ready for this year's Longmont Studio Tour, which will be September 25th and 26th. Laying out some ideas for some new collage canvases…


…which have been coming together nicely…


…and sewing up some journal covers…


…all the while watching the summer drift by. I love this photo of my son engaged in one of my favorite summer pastimes…it's been a beautiful summer around here. As I passed the high school this week, I noticed the marching band starting to practice. Really? It's too soon for that. There are still books to be read and summer afternoons to explore. But soon, all too soon, the days will shorten and school supply lists will need attending to. But until then, I'm loving every last sun drenched, summer scented moment. Hope you are too.

2 Responses to Studio Work

  1. nancy neva says:

    oh, LOVE THAT PIC of your son, too….so glad your summer’s been nice. one of the hottest/most humid here….not my fav.
    so many interesting pieces in your studio spread…nice to have the longmont tour ahead! all the best, n

  2. Renee says:

    Jaye and I are planning to be at the Longmont Studio Art Tour. You’ll be our first and last stop! Today – I’m cleaning my art space. Ugh – can’t even get in the door. Family uses it to “put things that belong to Mom.” Really? Like the laundry baskets. Empty suitcases. The little darlings – thinking of me….

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