‘Cause I’m The Pez Man…


My son and I made a stop today at our most beloved chocolate shop in the entire world, Todos Santos in Santa Fe. And yes, dear god, it is THAT good. No kidding. And look who was standing sentenal…Pez Man. He's the creation of a local artist who makes specialized, high-end art pez despensers. Covered with a multitude of pez peeps…


…his head looks like a cross between a Mexican wrestler and a magnet that only attracts pez heads…


…his feet were festooned with toy cars – they do kind of look like toes – and more pez heads.

I just had to share. 

5 Responses to ‘Cause I’m The Pez Man…

  1. rebecca says:

    i love explosive outbursts of creative expression.

    Pez Man rocks!

  2. fun!
    as was the WATER STORY a qui in taos..

  3. Chris says:

    I am TICKLED that you shared this!
    how cool.

  4. Stephanie says:

    LOVE LOVE that place!!

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