House Bones and Back to The Page


We have finally, finally begun construction (deconstruction) on our remodel. It's a skeleton now – love seeing the house bones. It's amazing to see it in this state before we start to put it all back together again. It's an intensely creative process and we have a great architect and team of interior people helping us. But it's (not surprisingly) taking all the creative juice I have. I've been away from the blogosphere and my studio for quite some time now. I'm just channeling those energies in other directions, discovering my own inner architect/designer/builder. Thinking about rearranging spaces, reclaimed brick, appliances, window coverings, bathtubs, solar panels.


This will be where my new kitchen sink goes, but with expanded windows. We may be fighting over who "gets" to do the dishes…well maybe not. But I know I'll never tire of the view.


I have returned to the page a little this weekend…


…with a couple of new journal pages in process…


…and a new collage painting.

6 Responses to House Bones and Back to The Page

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    LOOK at that view.
    Can we have a picnic in the naked house this week?

    I know that your journals are opening champagne to celebrate the return of their creative source. Love the pages, as usual.
    Gorgeous, like you.

  2. rebecca says:

    i love the bold graphic quality of your bird journal page. so strong…like the bones of your striking “inner” house.

  3. I have that pic of the older couple, laughing together. I love it……

    Always fun to see something I have kept in someone else’s work!

    Your house looks like more than a remodel. I bet you will be thrilled when it is the way you see it in your mind’s eye.

  4. rebecca says:

    please come visit me at recuerda…perhaps your new kitchen would swoon for such folk art whimsy!


  5. wow….not what i thought when i heard you’d be remodeling. . .
    a rebuild, that will be over the moon with your wonderful choices, i know…i’d love washing the dishes here, for starters!
    exciting, very. all the best, x0

  6. Stephanie says:

    The bones are lovely..(had to say that)

    The views are breath taking, so happy that you have finally begun.


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