Field Trip Friday


Last week I was going through some journal stuff and came across some journal pages I'd forgotten about from last summer. I incorporated them into my big journal and all the while I was transported back to Taos with my artist/sister/friends. You know who you are…I'm craving one of the Taos Inn's margs after a long hot day in the studio…


…or on the river bank, drawing…heaven. And as a new summer is unfolding (as of yesterday my kids are out of school now and summer is officially on in our house), I'm wondering what memories are yet to be made, what adventures will unfold.


From my Taos travel journal – "Drawing is a way of being where you are in total contact with yourself and with others. Everything you draw you dignify – implies absolute human respect. Drawing is the naked truth. Seeing/drawing, my mediation by eye and hand alone, has never become a routine. When I start a drawing, I have no idea of what the outcome will be. Every drawing is my first, I'll never be a professional, I am a perennial beginner. This kind of drawing is not self expression. There is difference between seeing and looking at. Seeing touches the heart, looking at is cold hearted. Real seeing demands silence." – Fredrick Franck – Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing


4 Responses to Field Trip Friday

  1. Renee says:

    Was thinking about a latte in Tazza yesterday morning. Soon. And the margs the day before that!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Your rock drawings are so lovely…

    great bumping into you yesterday, have a relaxing holiday weekend!


  3. Lisa Hoffman says:

    Your rocks…..rock.
    Our drawing time at the Botanical Gardens wasn’t even CLOSE to long enough. I think it was the Lime/Salt/Tortilla chocolate bar that you gave me. It cast a spell……time bent.
    How about another go at it?

  4. Andrew Williams says:


    I discovered you blog and hope you don’t mind that I follow it. Your work and the journey surrounding it remind me of a tale from Nick Bantock. Few artists allow themselves to be drawn into their pieces so freely without a sense of self consciouness. I think Creative Framing gallery here in Louisville would love to show your recent work. Contact Janet there.

    Andrew Williams
    Studio3 Kitchen Bath Interiors

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