Anthro Adoration


The designers at my local Anthropologie have put their mad skills to work again. I often wander in just to peruse the store fixtures and finds and to see what amazing sculpture/art/decor/installations they have come up with. While I love the clothes, and they look fabulous on my lithe 17 year old, I mostly love the great design that goes into the store's staging. And a chain store to boot! This beauty is a take off on a hooked rug. Large, about 7' X 5", it was hiding in the corner when it caught my eye and bowled me over. It looks a little like an enormous paint by number until…


upon closer inspection…


…you see its bits of torn and tied fabric scraps! I love the vintage style and look and yet it's something new all together. I spent quite a while looking at it up close and picking at it to see how it was made. The fabric bits have been attached with glue, and not sewn, as I had hoped. A sewn piece will last much longer and adds a layer of the hand made. I was getting the stink eye from the sales girls, so I quit. Next time your'e near an Anthropologie pop in for a bit of eye candy and inspiration, I doubt you'll be disappointed. Even if their clothes are made for waifs the size of sparrows. 

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  1. Renee Howell says:

    Hi Fran. I <3 Anthro, too. And their clothes don't fit anyone in my house - we are all way TOO short. But, I LOVE the art fix! What an amazing hooked rug - true artist did that one! Hope you are enjoying our Spring that is trying to push winter aside.

  2. nancy neva says:

    wish there was an anthro by meeeeeeeee.
    i’d adore it, too.
    living vicariously … this piece IS amazing. thanks. i won’t pout, but i’ll be happy for you there. with your anthro. and your mountains~~~~!! x0 nn

  3. rebecca says:

    i have only had the “be still my heart” walk through anthro once. i am still haunted by the extreme creativity with each glance as i poured my delighted senses slowly through every nook.

    you live near by?
    oh MY!!!
    will they let you photo inside???
    Si? No? if so keep the inspiration coming!

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