Spring Burrows


SPRING! is showing it's early face around these parts and I really couldn't be happier. These buds on the aspen trees, against the bluest sky we've had in a very long time, made my breath deeper and my heart open.


I know I've griped about the weather here and in my journal. I've tried mightily to stay tuned into the present moment and enjoy the "gifts of the season", but man oh man am I sick of winter!


So yesterday when I went out to survey my lawn and garden, which I haven't seen without snow since October, I was intrigued to find these little byzantine paths created by Meadow Voles. I guess all the snow made for a nice insulated cover for the their underground shenanigans. It's like they built a maze, with many escape routes…


…away from their little nests of grass. I haven't seen any of the little creatures, I guess they've retreated to the safety of the open space behind our house. But their winter vacation home was quite a surprising intrigue as I walked the yard.


On the snowy day just a week or so ago when I photographed the garden in it's mantle of white and dreamt about the tendrils of spring… 


…I knew this day would come with hope and green shoots dancing up from the depths of their slumber under the dreary brown mulch! Viva la primavera!

2 Responses to Spring Burrows

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m right there with you Fran! Bring on the spring!!

    I bought bunches of spent tulips last year and put them in the ground around the Mango Studio…and forgot about them…until the past couple of days when I see sooooo many little tulip leaves popping up all over!

    woo hoo!

  2. Julie says:

    Happy spring, Fran!

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