Beach Gestures


A different kind of field trip this Friday morning. Some photos from a morning walk on my favorite beach in Port Townsend. Small gestures, little poems of random placments of beach debris, the perfection of a curve…


…so lovely and perfect…


…little paintings in the sand…


…that could all be translated onto a canvas or a page…


…but rather enjoyed as a moment…soon to be washed away and replaced by more beauty than the heart can hold.


  I love this little stretch of beach which I only ever visit in the winter – a completely different scenario than the bright days of summer. I love it's mystery and quiet, gray, subdued joy. It's moments, it's gestures.

3 Responses to Beach Gestures

  1. Lisa Hoffman says:

    I LOVE gray. Gray sand. Gray water. Gray skies…gray is gentle and soft like a dove’s wings.

    Beautiful little “installations” Frannie…

  2. matt wood says:

    Fran…This was a total inspiration to me! To really look at the sand and stones and misc items, take a picture and see a composition instead of the objects themselves.
    Thank you for giving me a BRAND NEW perspective! Very valuable.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful sand drawings…don’t you just love how nature puts out these lovely bits and we can soak them up.


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